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Wastewater treatment plants, Industrial hydrocarbon separators, Drinking water purification, Control and instrumentation equipment

SAMESA Treatment

SAMESA has the capacity to supply, design, install, start up and maintain wastewater treatment stations via the companies making up the group, obtaining synergies allowing it to offer important economic advantages to clients. In this way, it provides efficient solutions to any problem deriving from water pollution in all kinds of application (drinking water, wastewater, industrial water, etc.). The broad experience in this sector guarantees the ideal solution to water treatment problems in general. The company offers efficient solutions regarding physical, chemical or biological treatments whose purpose is to eliminate or reduce pollution or non-desirable characteristics of water, may this be natural, supply, processing or waste water, adapting it to the most stringent regulations. In the design of treatment plants SAMESA seeks to achieve “cero discharges”, i.e., dimensioning treatment plants where the effluent water from the WWTP is subjected to a tertiary treatment to be re-used at other points of the industry for applications compatible with the water quality obtained.

Wasterwater treatment plants

We design, manufacture and market all kinds of water treatment system with the objective of managing to modify the physical/chemical and biological characteristics of wastewater in order to adapt this to the current legislation. In terms of the characteristics of the wastewater dealt with, from its source and pollutants, a specialised treatment WWTP is designed and built to ensure the effluent water complies with the limits established by the competent Administration or the applicable regulations.

Industrial hydrocarbon

Industrial sectors related to hydrocarbons and coal derivatives must treat their processing water and even rainwater, in order to separate oils and light hydrocarbons from the wastewater for which they are responsible.

Servicios Avanzados Medioambientales, S.L. (SAMESA) designs, builds and installs desilters and hydrocarbon separators which comply with the most stringent requirements regarding the quality of water at its output, with present hydrocarbon values under 5 mg/l and for continuous flows of up to

1000 m3/h.

In order to reduce equipment costs, they are manufactured out of FRP making use of its complete resistance to corrosion, high mechanical stability and convenience regarding cleaning, including coalescent polypropylene systems and automated sensors to control the level of solids in suspension and oils or hydrocarbons.


Our experience and level of specialisation allows us to achieve the best analytic values with secondary treatments in conventional wastewater treatment; however, the capacity of the treatment plant to assimilate specific concentration or flow variations must be guaranteed in many cases. This can be achieved, amongst other ways, by reducing pollutants by means of sand bed filtering or other filtration methods. This tertiary refining treatment, installed at the WWTP output, to make water in wells, springs or from other sources suitable, manages to eliminate particles, odours and other impurities which may exist in the water, in many cases allowing for important volumes of water to be re-used for irrigation or other industrial processes.

Drinking water purification

Treatment of all types of water (underground, surface, captured through wells, etc.), to make its quality compliant with the mandatory health criteria for human consumption in small towns, industries and in emergency situations. Among our activities we include the design and manufacture of pumping stations, sedimentation processes with or without physical/chemical treatment, filtering and disinfection. Likewise, we offer our experience in the field of measurement and quantification of flows, analytic parameters and water quality correction systems.

Re-use of greywater

Systems to capture, accumulate and filter rainwater for re-use in different industrial, residential or agricultural activities. Treatment of water from washbasins and showers in industries or residential sites, effluent water from sewage plants, etc. A high percentage of typical water usage can be substituted with treated greywater, such as irrigation, greenhouses, golf courses and green areas, industrial refrigeration circuits, road cleaning, etc.

Control and instrumentation equipment

All water treatment systems, whatever their use and source, require control equipment measuring, analysing, warning or informing on different parameters such as flow, temperature, pH, turbidity, conductivity or even concentrations of certain substances with high polluting power, aiding in knowing, perfecting and controlling the proper functioning of automated treatment systems. SAMESA has ample experience in the supply, installation and maintenance of control systems. These would include Parshall type measurement channels, electromagnetic flowmeters, turbidity measurers, pH meters, temperature sensors, analysers, chemical dosing, conductivity regulation by means of automatic purging, etc. We offer advice to clients when choosing the appropriate instrumentation in terms of their requirements, we maintain the installed equipment and offer training to handle this. We work closely with leading companies in the world of water analytics both for the laboratory and for its implementation in processes for any location

Installation remodelling and process optimisation

Obsolescence, capacity increases due to an increase in machinery or processes, inappropriate calculations, assembly and or maintenance defects may all lead a treatment plant not to work as it should. SAMESA studies each case, determining the errors or defects and carrying out the necessary remodelling for the plant to reach an adequate or updated and sufficient performance to comply with its objectives. In time, the administrative requirements have evolved towards greater demands for minimum environmental influence by production centres, this implying greater control of all the processes liable to affect the environment negatively. Installation redimensioning, energy efficiency, risk and waste minimisation, are all common statements in any production company, directly affecting final product costs, which explains their importance when maintaining a balance regarding the environmental footprint of any company to avoid penalisations or the closure of activities due to pollutants.

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