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Polyester tanks (FRP), compact filter systems, anti-microbial tanks…


Many industrial processes and all kinds of industrial process application, for treatment and accumulation of water and other liquid, require appropriate tanks that are compatible with their contents. These applications continuously require long-lasting and reliable solutions which allow for compliance with the highest quality standards, offering resistance, durability, ease of use and transport, while also modularity for possible capacity extensions involving minimal disruption due to their installation or construction.

Polyester Tanks (FRP)

The manufacture and supply of FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester) tanks and vessels at food quality level for drinking water and the agri-food sector, anti-acid for the chemical and industrial process industry, anti-microbial for the pharmaceutical sector and for drinking water and food for the domestic sector, allow us to offer a wide range of possibilities covering all the needs in the market.

Our tanks and vessels of all shapes and qualities should be highlighted due to their versatility, lightness, speedy construction, equipping and additional accessories, together with their low cost, which increases the competitiveness of our clients regarding higher costs when using traditional materials such as stainless steel, carbon steel or concrete, giving a product offering the best physical and chemical advantages of all these at a much lower relative cost.

Compact Filter Systems

The installation of a wastewater or drinking water treatment plant normally involves occupying a surface area not considered to be productive and which, in many cases, is conditioned by non-theoretical factors regarding the ideal location and installation, such as the phreatic level, accesses, surface area available, etc. In many cases, implementation works interfere with the industrial processes involving serious inconveniences for the activities of the client company.

The experience built up by the company in the past 20 years has led us to offer a speciality adapted to the current reality: complete compact systems which are implemented in a very simple manner within a minimum period of time, previously resolving all the specific issues regarding installation, i.e., designing an adapted ad hoc solution.

In this way, we offer compact, easily transportable, modular filter systems for seasonal use, capable of obtaining the best analytic results, simple to operate and maintain, odour-free and involving very low operating expenses, minimising many inconveniences for the client company as, being manufactured out of FRP (Fibreglass Reinforced Polyester), many of the current construction processes are eliminated. In this way, their cost is much lower than those usual in civil works, hardly requiring any excavation and reducing the surface area occupied to the minimum necessary to perform the process and to obtain the waste discharge parameters requested.

Rectangular y cylindrical formats, both horizontal and vertical, are possible and adapt to the real needs of each client.

Anti-microbial Tanks

The quality of water determines that in certain geographical locations storage systems which prevent the proliferation of bacterial colonies are required, some of these being responsible for intestinal illnesses and fevers which can cause severe damage to the health of persons.

In order to mitigate these problems in places with deficient water treatment, or supply networks with polluting filtrations due to their proximity to wastewater, SAMESA INSTALACIONES has started a project developed at present by means of previously treating and disinfecting the water and its accumulation in anti-microbial tanks, these preserving the treated water until it is used directly, without allowing any proliferation of typical bacteria which are present in continental water. The most harmful and well-known are those such as “Vibrio cholerae” which causes cholera, “Escherichia coli”, “Salmonella typhi” and “Shigella” which cause inflammation in the stomach and intestines, leading to gastroenteritis; or viruses such as the “rotavirus”, provoking diarrhoea and parasites such as “Entamoeba histolytica”, “Giardia intestinalis”, Helminths, etc.

Chlorination is considered to be an efficient and generalised disinfection system, but various microorganisms are present in unsafe distribution or capture systems in which this disinfection cannot be guaranteed, mainly affecting the health of children and the elderly.

An efficient treatment system including disinfection and permanent water availability in anti-microbial tanks and cisterns will allow each family direct control of general access to quality water, which will undoubtedly generate a better quality of life.

The system developed (patent pending) will offer all the residential and industrial capacities, therefore offering real solutions to specific problems.

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