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Installation maintenance and adaptation

The current technical challenges regarding production needs do not end with the installation of highly efficient equipment, quite the opposite, due to their greater complexity more specialised attention is required to maintain the service quality in accordance with the design parameters throughout the entire life of the system.

SAMESA INSTALACIONES offers years of experience in the handling of wastewater treatment installations and industrial refrigeration systems, these being is proven speciality in several industrial sectors, such as the food sector, the metallurgical sector, the steel sector, the primary sector, etc.

Certain maintenance work can be considered to be cyclical and repetitive, while other work requires knowledge regarding the equipment, systems and processes which is not usual in any company, and with the optimisation and reduction in staff resulting from the adaptation to new international competitiveness factors, this work considered to be “non-productive” but which does affect production costs and the relations with the Administration, is frequently outsourced due to its complexity and degree of specialisation. SAMESA INSTALACIONES offers its knowledge and know-how to perform this work in companies of any industrial sector.

Installation remodelling and process optimisation

The natural growth in time of the production capacity of companies forces new cooling needs to make use of the existing circuits, leading to deficient general operation as the necessary water cooling is not achieved at certain times, therefore and as the first consequence, generating greater network water consumption to try to reduce the temperature, producing increased costs which in turn affect the final product.

Obsolescence, bad calculations, assembly and/or maintenance may all lead a cooling system not to work as it should, which may even affect in an important way the production process of the industry in which it is located.

For all these situations, SAMESA studies each case, proposing efficient solutions and performing the remodelling necessary to get the cooling system to reach the temperature required by each set of equipment connected to it.

Energy efficiency is a real objective which, in the case of cooling systems by means of cooling towers, may be applied to obtain excellent results, given the ease with which we can apply our knowledge and experience to regulate the different atmospheric situations occurring throughout a day or different yearly seasons. This has great influence on thermal dissipation capacity and, therefore, energy expenditure of both recirculation pumps and fans can be optimised to ensure noticeable water and energy savings, involving economic savings.

Phone: +34 985 35 26 26



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