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Cooling towers, cooling compact equipment, installation remodelling and process optimisation

SAMESA Refrigeration

Any industrial process generating heat requires methods to make use of this or to dissipate it. At present, it is compulsory to have closed cooling circuits in industries, which only receive water to replace the losses caused by evaporation and by any purging carried out in order to avoid great saline concentrations which would deteriorate the equipment being cooled. SAMESA designs, manufactures and supplies industrial water cooling systems, with the capability to install, start up and even perform specialised maintenance on same. For this it has wide experience in the national and international market, together with the support of extremely relevant brands (EWK, LEGIOLAB, etc.). It always works with the latest technologies, innovating and creating easy to install modular systems for general applications and industrial sectors.

Cooling Towers

Different sizes and models of equipment in terms of the cooling capacity needed. They are all freestanding and made out of FRP, conferring high resistance in the most aggressive environments and high durability. SAMESA supplies the towers pre-assembled in the factory, in this way reducing the on-site installation time and enabling their start-up. Our EWK cooling towers provide water and energy savings, having a long useful life and requiring little maintenance.

Cooling compact equipment

One of the most innovative products of the SAMESA GROUP at present is the manufacture of cooling compact equipment, custom-made for each installation and taking into account the different problems each company faces. As the equipment is compact, the inconvenience and/or interference usually caused during equipment assembly at the client installations is avoided. Likewise, its modular nature allows for extending their capacities by means of interconnecting several sets of equipment in terms of the current or future needs. This equipment is designed to enable its transport anywhere in the world, by road, sea, etc., for which reason its design and dimensions are appropriate for shipping containers and general, not special, transport lorries thus reducing the cost of dispatch to its destination.

Installation remodelling and process optimisation

The natural growth in time of the production capacity of companies forces new cooling needs to make use of the existing circuits, leading to deficient general operation as the necessary water cooling is not achieved at certain times, therefore and as the first consequence, generating greater network water consumption to try to reduce the temperature, producing increased costs which in turn affect the final product. Obsolescence, bad calculations, assembly and/or maintenance may all lead a cooling system not to work as it should, which may even affect in an important way the production process of the industry in which it is located. For all these situations, SAMESA studies each case, proposing efficient solutions and performing the remodelling necessary to get the cooling system to reach the temperature required by each set of equipment connected to it. Energy efficiency is a real objective which, in the case of cooling systems by means of cooling towers, may be applied to obtain excellent results, given the ease with which we can apply our knowledge and experience to regulate the different atmospheric situations occurring throughout a day or different yearly seasons. This has great influence on thermal dissipation capacity and, therefore, energy expenditure of both recirculation pumps and fans can be optimised to ensure noticeable water and energy savings, involving economic savings.

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